Thank you from your winner – Uday!

udaybangavadiHI All,

It was a wonderful experience participating in “I am a scientist, Get me out of here”. I love teaching kids; it was my usual routine after my masters. When I heard about this event I was happy as I could once again get opportunity to interact with kids regarding science. I remember one of the saying “Children find everything in nothing; men find nothing in everything.” Interacting with these kids and answering their questions made me to understand about myself and my communication skills. When few kids asked me “How laser works” I was in dilemma. Even though I work with lasers I paused for a moment before answering to think easiest way to make them understand.

All of the sessions were fascinating.

I would like to thank all students who came up with amazing questions which was the reason for the active participation of all scientists. Science is always interesting, I hope you all got benefit interacting with us, which was the main aim of this event. It’s a collective effort of all 5 science boffins in the nitrogen zone. Congratulations to every scientist, great team work. Moderators and technical team behind the screens, this event wouldn’t be possible without you guys.

Thanks a million. Online chat room is an effective idea-tool. This saves time and we can participate in the event no matter where we are with little preparation. I will effectively use the prize money for the benefit of students for promoting science.

Once again my big thanks for each and everyone involved and supporting for the success of the event. On behalf of other scientists in my zone, special thanks for the students for their questions and trust on us.


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